Research & Development

Twofold competence

The Gyma R&D department is not only in touch with market expectations, but is also a precursor in concepts thanks to our continuous monitoring of consumer trends. We create sauces in line with our customers' requirements and innovate constantly to provide ever more attractive and appropriate solutions, which gives our group a leading edge on the market.


A very active department

7 people work on 180 projects each year and develop recipes for specific applications: for dipping, for spreading, for seasoning or as intermediary food products for other manufacturers in the food-processing industry.

Our R&D teams work closely with the production teams and follow the products from the laboratory where they are conceived to their launch on the production lines.


European market knowledge

With facilities both in France and in Germany, the Gyma R&D department can meet the specific requirements and expectations of consumers in many European countries and formulate recipes which are perfectly adapted to different local tastes. 


Recognized for our expertise in various fields of activity

Thanks to over 20 years of experience working with prestigious European customers in the food service business and in the food-processing industry, Gyma's expertise is unique.

Innovation, Service, Formulation, Improvement, Creativity, Expertise